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Our Board

Welcome to the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education! Our Board of Directors is composed of our President, Immediate Past President, Treasure, and representatives from each of our divisions. Please take a moment to get to know our Board - we are here to serve you!

FACTE President

John Monda, FACTE President

"I’m committed to building and supporting learners who want to use career and technical education pathways to pave a road into their future.  I began my service as a public-school educator at the elementary, middle, and high school level.  It was here that I established a foundational understanding of the challenges and opportunities that today’s learners face in the classroom and workers’ experience in the workplace.  I then moved into the post-secondary educational space where I have worked in both the Technical College and State College level.  In this space, I continue to learn how to solve challenges and remove obstacles that adult learners must navigate to create success in the classroom and develop a pathway in the workplace.  It is through participating in and serving with the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education that I have learned from and grown with my peers across the State of Florida to further the mission of Career and Technical Education."


Board of Directors

FAA Board Representative

FAAE Board Representative

FABTMES Board Representative

FAITE Board Representative

FBTEA Board Representative

FCPN Board Representative

FEFACS Board Representative

FLCTE Secondary Board Representative

Jodi Tillman

FLCTE Post-secondary Board Representative

FTEA Board Representative


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